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Gas pressure regulators for high inletpressures

Gas pressure regulators up to a maximum inlet pressure of 100.0 barg

Gas pressure regulator type 046

The Sensus 046 gas pressure regulator is a spring-loaded regulator. Thanks to its robust construction and simple design, the controller is extremely useful in industrial applications. This type of regulator is suitable for high inlet pressures of up to 70 barg. The regulator is available with and without a safety Relief. The flanged version DN25 PN16 is also available with a safety shut-off type IP.

Pilot regulator type Harnoreg

The Harnoreg is not a standalone regulator. It is a pilot pressure regulator that is mounted on an Axial Flow Valve. The Harnoreg is suitable for inlet pressures up to 20 barg. The spring range of the outlet pressure ranges from 15.0 mbarg up to 2.0 barg. Thanks to its universal connection block (manifold), it fits every type of Axial Flow Valve.

Gas pressure regulator type Axial Flow Valve (AFV)

The Elster gas pressure regulator type AFV is versatile and easy to maintain due to its unique design and simplicity. The regulator can be used as a distribution regulator, delivery regulator and as a safety Relief. The AFV is a gas-controlled regulator. The AFV is a control body on which a pilot pressure regulator (IC-25, Harnoreg) is mounted using a manifold block. The universal connection ensures that other pilot pressure regulators can be easily installed. There is an ample range of pilot pressure regulators which are widely applicable, each with its own specific application. The control body is available in 2 pressure classes: ANSI300 # and ANSI600 # and with different diameters 2 “/ DN50, 3” / DN80, 4 “/ DN100, 6” / DN150, 8 “/ DN200 and 12” / DN300. Depending on the operating conditions, a choice is made which cuff (sleeve) is used.

Gas pressure regulator type 040

The Elster gas pressure regulator type 040 is a robust regulator that can be widely used. It is suitable for small capacities with high inlet pressures from for example, Propane and LPG. Other gases can also be used. This regulator is not equipped with a safety Relief. It is suitable for an inlet pressure of 82.0 barg and an outlet pressure of up to 13.2 barg. The maximum capacity = 963 SMCH, By default the regulator is equipped with 1 “NPT connections.

Gas pressure regulator type MR HP20

The Elster gas pressure regulators type MR HP20 are characterized both by very good regulation and shutting behaviour as by their ease of maintenance. This gas pressure regulator is of the spring-loaded type and pre-pressure is compensated. The MR HP20 is standard equipped with an integrated safety shut-off for overpressure and under pressure. The MR HP20 has a modular structure. The complete membrane box can be easily removed by loosening 4 bolts. The MR HP20 is suitable for a large number of applications, both for distribution and delivery stations. Connection sizes DN25, DN50, DN80 and DN100 in pressure class PN16 / 20 and ANSI150 #. The inlet pressure is a maximum of 20 barg. The spring range for the outlet pressure ranges from 20 mbarg to 2.0 barg.