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Specifications gas pressure regulator 243

Gas pressure regulator type 243

The Sensus type 243 gas pressure regulator is a spring-loaded regulator. The regulator is normally closed. The controller is very suitable for distribution, delivery and industrial applications. The controller type 243 is available with and without a safety Relief as well as with and without a safety shut-off. Depending on the operating conditions, a membrane box with a diameter of 8 ” or 12 “may be chosen.


243-8-1, 243-12-1 and 243-8-1-HP Regulator without a safety Relief.

243-8-2 and 243-12 Controller with a safety Relief.

243-8-1 Balanced orifice Regulator with inlet-pressure compensation up to 8 barg.

243-8-1 Piston Regulator with inlet-pressure compensation up to 16 barg.

Maximum operating pressure

The maximum inlet pressure = 8.6 barg for the screwed version.

The maximum inlet pressure = 10/16 barg for the flanged version.

Operating temperature

-28.9 – +65.5° C (-20° F +150° F).

Spring range outlet pressure

243-8 = 8 – 455 mbar

243-8 HP = 245 – 700 mbarg

243-12 = 8 – 210 mbarg

Spring range for safety shut-off

Type SRL = 5 – 750 mbarg (with different springs).

Type SRH = 0.42 – 12.5 (with different springs).

Connection sizes

1.1/2 “and 2” NPT screwed (standard).

1.1/2 “and 2” BSP and BSPT (special).

DN50 PN16 and 2 “ANSI150lbs.

Applicable gases

Natural gas, propane, butane, air and nitrogen. Special designs are available for special (corrosive) gases.


If required, the safety shut-off can be provided with remote monitoring.

The safety shut-off can be provided with an external bypass.

For special versions that were available in the past, please contact us.