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Specifications pilot pressure regulator IC-25

Pilot pressure regulator type IC-25

The IC-25 is not a stand-alone gas pressure regulator, but a pilot pressure regulator that is mounted on an Axial Flow Valve (AFV). Thanks to its unique construction, the AFV offers many possibilities that are important for optimum regulation. The regulator is easy to maintain and more compact than any other regulator. The AFV with the IC-25 pilot system is extremely suitable for pressure control for delivery stations and distribution stations. The AFV with the IC-25 can be used as an active regulator.

The IC-25 pilot pressure regulator has been developed specifically for low outlet pressures with fast changing loads. The IC-25 has a built-in inlet-pressure compensation. The spring range for outlet pressure ranges from 10 mbarg up to 210 mbarg. Depending on the application, an IC-25 can be implemented with an inspirator or a restrictor manifold.



Maximum operating pressure

The maximum inlet pressure = 10.0 barg.

Operating temperature

-20.0 – +60.0 °C.

Connection sizes

Connection to the Axial Flow Valve is a manifold.

Connections for the control line and down-stream flow is 1/4 “BSP-T.

Spring range

15.0 up to 300 mbarg.

Applicable gases

Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and other gases.


Other operating systems can be used for different conditions, we advise you to contact our sales department.