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Mueller Drilling Machine model E-5

The Mueller E-5 drills are suitable for drilling up to a diameter of 2″. The maximum stroke that this drill can make is 12-1/8″ (308 mm). The maximum operating pressure is 34.5 barg (500 psig).

In addition to the E-5 drillingmachine, the following products are required to be able to tap, test, assemble and disassemble the Mueller valve.

Depending on which valve is used, a choice must be made which fittings are needed.

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401-000-000-302 E-5 drilling machine

The Mueller E-5 drill is supplied in a metal tool box. The metal box contains a drillingmachine E-5, a reversible ratchet, a spanner, and adjustable wrench, a gasket, drill grease and a manual.

Bronze gate valve.

Test Cap

Adapter mounting tool

Mounting tool

Machine adapter E-5

Adapter shall cutter

Shell cutter

Disassembly tool

Magnet. For removing the bore cuttings in the gas pipe.