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Specifications safety shut-off IP

Safety shut-off type IP

The safety shut-off devices IP-LR and IP-HR are designed to be used as an attached safety shut-off unit applicable for a 143-80, 243, 040 and a 046. As a separate safety shut-off it can also be used with a connection box DN25 PN16. This safety shut-off unit is available as an overpressure safety protection (IP-LR and IP-HR) and as an under-pressure safety protection (IDP-LR and IDP-HR). The spring range is from 30 mbarg to 4.42 barg.


Low pressure: IP-LR for OSPO and IDP-LR for OUPSO

High pressure IP-HR for OPSO and IDP-HR for OUPSO

Maximum operating pressure

The 16 (17.2) barg for the flanged version PN16 / 25 and ANSI150, respectively

Operating temperature

20.0 – +60.0° C.

Spring range

IP-LR = 30.0 to 750 mbarg

IP-HR = 0.60 to 4.22 barg

Connection sizes

Flanged: DN25 PN16.

Applicable gases

Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and other gases. Not suitable for oxygen O2.


If required, the safety shut-off can be provided with remote monitoring.

For special versions that were available in the past, please contact us.