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Specifications of Mueller Curb Tee Valve

Mueller 2″ valve

The Mueller drill tapping valve is a modified Curb Stop Tee in 2 “. The valve complies with GASTEC requirements No. 52. “Inspection requirements for gas distribution valve for operating pressures up to 8 barg”. The Mueller Curb Stop Tee is a right-angle valve that can be welded to a new or existing gas pipeline. Unlike the Autoperf Tee, this valve has no drill point on the spindle. The drilling will have to be done with the help of a special drill (Type D-5) so that you can pierce the gas pipe despite the fact that gas pressure is on. After the drilling has been carried out, the drill bit will be replaced by the special spindle with rotating head using the drill.


Mueller drilling valve.

Maximum operating pressure

Maximum operating pressure = 8 barg (GASTEC).

Maximum operating pressure = 16 barg.

Operating temperature

-10.0 – +60.0 °C.

Connection sizes

Welded ends inlet x outlet: 2″x 2″.


Body is of ASTM A105N.
Applicable gases:

Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and other gases.


Drill type D-5 with drill bit. Diameter 1.3 / 8″ (34.9 mm).

Drill type D-5 with hole saw. Diameter 1.1 / 4 “(31.8 mm).