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Specifications safety shut-off IPS

Safety shut-off unit type IPS and DPS

Safety shut-off (cut-off) has been developed to take on an important task in pipeline networks measuring and in regulating stations. A safety shut-off unit ensures that when the outlet pressure rises too high, the pipeline is shut after the safety shut-off. This applies to pressures which are too high (IPS) or too low (DPS). Due to its construction this type is very accurate. The safety shut-off is provided with an indicator that displays whether the safety has been addressed or not.


Low pressure IPS-L for OSPO and DPS-L for UPSO.

High pressure IPS-H for OPSO and DPS-H for UPSO

.Maximum operating pressure

The maximum inlet pressure = 100 barg with a connection size of 1 “NPT.

The maximum inlet pressure = 16 (17.2) barg for the flanged version PN16 and ANSI150, respectively.

Operating temperature

-20.0 – +60.0 °C.

Spring range

IPS-L and DPS-L = 5.0 to 750 mbarg.

IPS-L and DPS-H = 0.42 to 15.5 barg.

Connection sizes

Screwed 1″ NPT.

Flanged DN50 PN16, DN80 PN16, 2″ANSI150lbs and 3″ANSI150lbs.

Applicable gases

Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and other gases. Not suitable for oxygen O2.


If required, safety can be provided with a remote signalling and/or an external bypass.

For special versions that were available in the past, please contact us.